Quick Art- Transferring an image

Tuesday, November 30th 2010

Looking for a quick tip, short project or creative inspiration? Try Quickart!! TLC’s answer for boredom and inspiration. In this episode of Quickart Rachel Johnstone demonstrates an easy technique for transferring an image from a magazine onto a canvas.
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Gel Transfer Technique
Tutor: Rachel Johnstone

The Gel Transfer Technique is a way of transferring an existing printed image into your work. You can use your own images for this or an image out of a magazine or newspaper. See the video for a step by step demonstration.

This technique gives a certain semi-opaque and worn/antique look to your work. It is great for layering with other collage elements and for transferring text.

What equipment do you need?
• Gel medium – liquitex matte gel medium. Use gloss medium for a glossy finish (available at all art supplies shops and at the TLC materials shop)
• Laserjet photocopy of your image in reverse (reverse is super important for text!), ink jet copies will not work
• Suitably sized paintbrush, of pasting quality
• Prepared surface (canvas or board)
• Small bowl of water
• Roller or dessert spoon
• Fat (oil painting product) available from art supplies shops also.

Steps in the process:
1. Prepare your surface – this could include painting or creating a background
2. Photocopy (laser jet) your image in reverse, a few shades darker
3. Paint a layer of medium on your image and on the canvas / board
4. Place image face down on canvas, smooth with roller or back of spoon, be careful not to let it slip
5. Wait until fully dry (approximately 1 hour)
6. Moisten back of paper and rub paper off with finger, until the image appears

Top tips?
• If you find there is a wee bit of paper residue you cannot get rid of, go over the top of it with a varnish to sort it out
• Sometimes white doesn’t transfer well and white areas on your copy can be transparent when finished. So if you need white – make sure your background contains it
• Setting the photocopier to copy a shade or two darker is often a good idea
• Sometimes it can be better using your own images for transfer to avoid any complicated copyright issues